About us

Association Idea for Life has been founded in 2017 in Częstochowa on the initiative of group of young people who after some period of fruitful cooperation decided to create new quality in the environment of non-governmental organizations. The founders of the association have been involved in various projects for many years (youth exchanges, training courses, EVS projects, festivals, conferences etc). I4L is a group of young people who are open to the word and would like to contribute to the development of local environment and society. The overall objective of I4L is fostering cooperation at regional, national and international levels. Within their activities key persons of the Association Idea for Life put the emphasis on ensuring an easy access to education and culture, and also would like to foster youngsters’ creativitiy and self-development. The Association I4L deals with educational activities, safeguarding of cultural heritage, supporting the development of entrepreneurship, publishing activities etc. We organize a lot of courses and workshops in order to enable young people to acquire different skills throught the application of new, informal, educational methods that stimulate the learning process, creativity and sense of initiative-features that are crucial both in personal and professional life. Projects that are prepared and realized within the Association Idea for Life respond to the youngsters’ needs. Through the cooperation with other non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad, as well as experts, educators, entrepreneurs, etc. Our association not only ensures the highest quality of realized projects but also promotes the idea of intercultural dialogue. Moreover, within the activities organized by the Association I4L, we actively combat stereotypes, foster Human Rights, tolerance, ecological activities and highlight the role of non-formal education. The key persons connected with the Association Idea for Life have an extensive experience within the projects realized from Erasmus + programme and also other national projects. Members of our crew acquired leadership skills thorugh the coordination of the great variety of distinct projects ‘’Youth in Action’’, ‘’Erasmus+ Sport”, ‘’CB in the field of youth’’, EVS projects 2014-2016 in which took part 7 volunteers form realized music festival ‘’Street Spirit Festival’’, conferences for young people with local politics, workshops about entrepreneurship and youth policy.